Clipboard Box V5.0

    Ultimate Windows Clipboard Solution. Now you have the power to save numerous clipboard's content and easily retrieve it.

    Clipboard Box will drastically increase the power, capability and functioning of your clipboard activity. Now you have a clean tool that will be very helpful to you while using the most regularly used function i.e. copy paste.  

    With simplicity as its key feature this tool is enhanced with the feature to save up to numerous clips instead of one likely in the regular Windows. The tool has a very easy to comprehend interface so that one is quite aware of what and where the copy paste activity is to be done. The tool has the ability to save any text or images, can save and load almost anything, one can also set own options,automatic hiding of window as soon as it reaches to the edge of the screen are the other features that make this tool more attractive. 

    This tool that proves to be a must have for Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers any many more professional best fits on Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8. Easy to use windows clipboard software.  Support Unicode, All Language can be copied into software.

                                       ONLY $19.99

                          No Ads,Nags or Spyware! Virus-FREE!  Clipboard Box 5.0 "100% CLEAN" AWARD

Clipboard Box Features:

    NEW Clipboard Box is incredibly small! It takes only 1 minutes to download with a 56k modem. It even stores on a floppy disk! For all Windows systems. 

    NO Experience or Computer Skills Necessary! 

How to use:

    Step #1 is So Easy

    To save something simply copy it to the Windows Clipboard by pressing CTRL-C or right click on the mouse and select Copy. Clipboard Box then automatically stores it That's all...    You're ready to go!

    And Finally,Step #2

    To retrieve it, simply click on the text or graphic in the list box. It is copied to the Windows Clipboard. 

How choose Clipboard Box?

    Do you alway get confused by the Windows clipboard? Now you have the power to view the clipboard's content and easily copy/paste the saved item into your favorite place. With the easy to use interface,you will enjoy the exciting feeling of copying and pasting.  Clipboard Box saves time and makes you more productive by adding clipboard functions that windows clipboard leaves out---starting with the ability to save many clips,instead of just one. Everybody needs Clipboard Box,especially for programmer and officer. The Windows has only one clip to let you save your data, but now Clipboard Box can save many clips that can be easily copied and pasted. Easy-to-use windows clipboard software. 

    Clipboard Box has nemerous clips to let you save your clip data.

    Can save any text or images.

    Like Office-2007 cute GUI(graphic user interface) 

    Easy-To-Use Inteface ,just by clicking item to finish retrieving. 

    Can save and load items whatever you like. 

    Can set your own options as you like. 

    The Window can hide automatically when reached the edge of screen. 

    You can save entries to any folder as you wish. 

    You can modify every items in detail window. 

    Add "capture full screen and region screen" function, with shortcut key.  

    The Windows has only one clip to let you save your data. But Clipboard Box has numerous clips. Do you often need to move many pieces of data from one application to another? Do you often need to save many pieces of data at hand when you need it? Doctors,Lawyers,Teachers,Clergy,Genealogists,Engineers,Programmer and Internet Marketers of every sort,depend on Clipboard Box every day to make their work easier. 

    We invite you to explore our free 30 uses of Clipboard Box- the application that changed the Windows clipboard forever,starting way back in 2004. For most customers' desire,Clipboard box currently can support Image data.